Our Families

Claire & Craig Murphy, Stockton

Our beautiful daughter Mae Jacqueline was born on 1st November 2015 at 32 weeks + 5 days weighing 3lb 3oz. I had gone to the hospital 2 days before for a routine scan and they noticed Mae was smaller than she should be. The consultant told me that I was... read more →

Kristen Tasker & Alan Youngman, Stockton

Just wanted to thank you all so very me for the help Neoangels provided for us while our son Oliver was on the neo-natal unit at North Tees. Oliver was born at 31+6 weeks due to his heart beat dropping and I had to have an emergency c-section. Oliver was... read more →

Natasha McLellan & David Brandon, Stanley

We wish to tell our story of our son Levii-Reece. 3 days before our fella was born I went to hosp at Durham in severe pain and no fetal movements. They found his heartbeat and sent me home saying I had SPD and that I should not worry. On the 18.6.16... read more →

Balinder & Jasdeep Ladhar, Wynyard

We conceived in 2014 and were told out baby would be due in August 2015. I had an amazing pregnancy with no stresses at all. I had always been petite so when I had a small bump with my first born, Isla, I didn't think much to it. However at... read more →

Marianne & Paul Maloy, Gateshead

Day 0, @ 28+4 weeks & breech, his main issue were his lungs classed as poorly but stable, he needed blood transfusion and jaundice treatment. Day 4; my first cuddle off ventilator and on CPAP Day 6, first cuddle with daddy Day 16, in clothes and first cuddle with big... read more →

Caroline Harding & Phil Crawford, Billingham

Leo crawford born 8th march 2012 6.52am at 41+5 weeks weighing a whopping 8lb 6oz. My labour seemed to be going fine i was relaxed in the birthing pool falling in and out of sleep during contractions, when i started pushing the midwife kept telling me just one more push... read more →

Gaynor & Michael Smith, Hartlepool

Me, my hubby Michael smith and 2 daughters amber and Emily  ( 8 & 11 at the time ) live in hartlepool. My little boy Daniel was born in July 2012 at 28+4 weighing 1lb 10ozs via emergency c-section. He was on the ventilator for 2 days and on that... read more →

Claire Ruddick & Stephen Wilson, Trimdon Station

Our twins arrived early on the 21 of December 2007. Our son Joseph arrived first weighing 2lb then Sophie weighing 2lb 8 oz , sadly we lost our son the next day he had acrania . We had amazing support from a very dedicated team , Sophie stayed on the... read more →

Nicole & Boz French, Stockton

Emily was born on the 30th october 2014 at 29 +6 weeks and was our first child.  After numerous visits to the doctors and midwives due to feeling unwell i was constantly told that the pain i was feeling was normal. Constant stomach ache every day! So i plodded on... read more →

Leah Oswald & Dave Bell, Stockton

On the 02.12.12 I had an emergency C section and Ava arrived 3 weeks early but otherwise healthy. After a night with the lovely night shift they discovered that Ava was being sick a lot through her nose, the following morning I was told that Ava had been moved to... read more →

Kristen Tasker & Alan Youngman, Stockton

I'm Kristin Tasker aged 35 from Stockton, Engaged to Alan Youngman. In 2012 we suffered a miscarriage..a couple of months later we started trying for another baby. However months later we still hadn't fallen pregnant so we ended up going to see about ivf. After lots of tests we went on... read more →

Samantha Pearce & Dean Rigg, Hartlepool

I wanted to share my story to make people aware of how much of a different North tees neonatal unit can make, in 2014 I suddenly went into labour at 26 weeks with my little girl Scarlett it all happen so quick and she was born at home weighing 1lb... read more →

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