Our Families

Fern Mason & Robert Hall, Hartlepool

With Elise my pregnancy was absolutely fine all the easy through she was due on the 9th August but held on in thee until the 14th I had pains all day but just ignored them and carried on with my day to day life but by 7pm they got a... read more →

Justine Todd & John Donaldson, Norton

Kyle was born on the 21st April 2014 3 days overdue he wasn't breathing had a bleed on the brain encephalopathy grade 3 severe sepsis and something wrong with his arteries he was born at 3.25am and taken straight onto the neonatal ward I wasn't allowed to see him till... read more →

Samantha James & Michael Argue, Peterlee

My baby boy Alvie was born at 11.52 on 14th February 2015 weighing 7lb 10oz. What a beautiful valentines present I was given. After a horrific 130plus hours worth of labour, numerous trips to the maternity ward he was brought into this world by the staff at north tees hospital.... read more →

Lauren Simpson & Jason Edgar, Billingham

Heres Jaydens story, i was 19 pregnant with my first child, how amazing?! Im going to be a mammy, although turned out sooner than planned. Spontaneous labour began! Jayden John Edgar entered the world 1st January 2014 13 weeks early (27+2 gestation) he was tiny, yet so so perfect! A... read more →

Danielle Cole & David Marshall, North Shields

Daisy Marshall was born on the 4th dec 2013 at a healthy weight 6lbs 6oz, but at 16hrs old she suffered from 3 seizures and stopped breathing twice...we got told there was no space in the RVI newcastle or Wansbeck so we had to get transferred to North Tees a... read more →

Laura Mosley & Patrick Hobson, Stockton

On the 18th September 2014 I gave birth to a healthy little boy weighing 6lb14oz. I had strep b while pregnant so needed antibiotics while in labour my labour was too quick for me to able to get them so the staff on neonatal give my son the vital antibiotics... read more →

Karen & Lee Dear, Stockton

George was born on 6th April 2015 at 31+4 weeks by emergency cesarean and weighed 3lb 12oz. I hadn't anticipated that he might have any problems and although we were given information from the neonatal team before the delivery, it all just washed over my head. Lee brought me some... read more →

Lauren Mccue & Mark Shaw, Norton

I was taken into hospital when i was 29+4 weeks with pre eclampsia where I spent several nights. I was told I had to have an emergency c section as my blood pressure was sky high, my kidneys had started to shut down and the level of protein in my... read more →

Chloe Spowart & Matthew Robson, Hartlepool

Oliver William Robson was born at 27+1, weighing a tiny 2lb 11oz in Luton and Dunstable hospital whilst we were away for the weekend to visit Harry Potter Studio's. He was born fighting and stayed in Luton for 4 weeks until a long transfer to North tees. Whilst in North... read more →

Lottie King & Simon Feasey, Yarm

After a healthy and normal pregnancy with my twin boys my waters ruptured around our first twin - Leo - on New Year's Day. I was 21 weeks pregnant and scared out of my mind. I was told that if I delivered both the boys that day they wouldn't make... read more →

Kirby & Dale Squires, Sunderland

When my daughter was born at 31 weeks, she was taken immediately to Durham Neonatal Special Care Baby Unit and placed on Cpap. She was a good weight at 3lb 14oz and appeared to be of reasonable health. At 23 hours old, Siena suffered a severe pneumothorax believed to be... read more →

Teri-Kayte McConnell & Andrew Norris, Hartlpool

My son Oliver was born at 31 weeks at north tees hospital on the 5/2/2015 he weighed just 2lb 12oz. He spent 7 weeks there recovering and slowly getting stronger. He was ventilated for 6 days but soon was able to move up onto the CPAP machine. He had ongoing... read more →

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