The Story Of…Books

The Story of… book range covers a variety of loss – from single and multiple child loss to adult loss; grandparents, parents, and friends. Every book can be personalised with names and in the case of the adults, the term of endearment used such as Papa, Momma, etc. Each book provides a beautiful tool for parents to teach young children to seek the many ways love can be found and fostered, even after the life of a loved one ends.

It is also a powerful and encouraging message for adults, gently reminding those who are grieving, that our loved ones can be found in the world around us, in the little moments of our everyday lives, and in the love that remains. There is also a generic range of books available that are not personalised and at a lower price point; The Storyof My Baby Brother, My Daddy, My Sister etc.

We are now officially a referral partner with the incredibly talented team over at The Story Of…Books meaning every time you purchase one of these beautiful books using this link, we receive a donation to the Angel Fund.

This allows us to help families in even more ways after the loss of their little one.


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